Greetings from Mussoorie!


Greetings from Mussoorie! Me and Lindsey got to this small city in the mountains early afternoon on Monday. We are going to be rotating at Landour Community Hospital until Friday morning. 

Just to recap….this past Sunday we went to visit a city called Rishikesh. It was absolutely beautiful. We saw the Ganga River that is over 2,000 kilometers long, walked across swaying bridges, and enjoyed some delicious coffee and food (we may have even indulged in some French fries). Also, we witnessed a fight ensue between two buffalo. It was pretty scary to witness, especially as I ran toward our guide for safety and Lindsey jumped on to strips of wood above ground. What an adrenaline rush! Luckily, a kind man was able to break up the fight with a stick and some stern words for the buffalo. We were also able to see tons of Ashrams! In the traditional sense, an ashram is a place meant to be located far from human habitation, in forests or mountainous regions, in order to create a space for spiritual instruction conducive to mediation. The residents of an ashram regularly perform various forms of yoga. As a lifelong Beatles fan, it was so cool to see the Beatles’ Ashram because I remember reading about their trip to India when I was a teenager, and there I was …experiencing and witnessing the same beauty! It was a beautiful sunny day, and one that I will never forget. 

For this week, as I mentioned above, we will be in a city called Mussoorie. It is about a 45 minute drive from Dehradun, and it feels like I have experienced a 45 degree temperature drop (but really not). We are literally in the Himalayas, living and rotating at Landour Community Hospital, a facility built in 1938 by British missionaries. The hospital is a part of a health network called Emmanuel Hospital Association, or EHA. EHA has 18 different hospitals throughout the northern and northern-central regions of India that serve as missionary hospitals. The hospital we’re at is comprised of a general inpatient ward—separated for both men and women— an intensive care unit, emergency room, ultrasound room, and outpatient offices. The hospital is staffed with 4-5 physicians; one orthopedic surgeon, one general surgeon, and two family physicians (one family physician currently only performs and reads ultrasounds instead of practicing medicine). There are 1-2 nurses per service, and two recently graduated doctors who are completing 2 years of a rural service “bond” for their medical school. Though they are on call every other night and incredibly busy, they always answer our questions and provide resources for us!

For our living quarters, we are staying in one of the apartments on the second floor of the hospital, and it gives me summer camp vibes! Outside the hospital, we have the most gorgeous views of the Himalayas and small buildings encompassing Mussoorie. The streets below us are filled with vendors and their shops, in addition to some super quaint cafes with amazing food that matches the spectacular views the city delivers.

Our knowledge regarding Indian culture, healthcare, and history continues to grow with the more time we spend here. I can’t wait to continue updating you guys!


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